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Teatro Griego, Cordoba
with Anthony "Big A" Sherrod
with Tail & Anthony
with Bob Stroger
With Tail Dragger
With Rick Estrin
Playing with Tail Dragger
with Pat Thomas
with J J Milteau
With Leo Bud Welsh
With Larry McCray in Brasil
i'm recording with John Primer
with Thomas Shell Jacques
with Bill Wyman
with Larry McCray
with Bill HowlNmadd Perry
playing in kffa helena arkansas
with Billy Branch
With Larry McCray & Lazzy Laster
with Bubba in Helena
In Sonny Boy Greave
playing with Vox Dei
with John Primer 2014
With Kim Wilson
With Larry McCray
With Alamo Leal, Xime Monzon
4 Armonicas Argentinas
with Mike Munson, Shack Up Inn
The Blue Midnight 2017
Cosquin Rock 2018
I'm recording my cd in Bs As
With Deak Harp
with Roy Harpman
with Blue Midnight 2016
with Nico Raffetta
playing with John Primer in Radio
with John Primer
In Glendora, my dream
with Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, ljastrebph
With Eddy Shaw
With Black Amaya
with Slam Allen
With Lurrie 2010
With John Primer in Bs As
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