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"The harmonist César Valdomir belongs to this group of protectors of the classic blues, which presents a tree with rural roots and more contemporary branches." Jose Heinz, Daily The Voice of The Interior, Cba, 1/7/2016.

BluesBlast Magazine, June 7, 2017 by Rainey Wetnight
"Harmonica monster Cesar Valdomir should definitely keep on Working for the Blues!"

Cesar Valdomir was born in Buenos Aires on January 11, 1977. 

His first steps gave harmonica from 1994 in Buenos Aires with different teachers there. He also attended clinics Carlos del Junco (Canada) with which also took private lessons and Rick Estrin (USA) constantly continuing formation and evolution as a self-taught.

In 2002 established in the province of Cordoba in 2003 and participates in some formations Traslasierras Blues and Jazz . From 2005  begins to travel and participate in the most important places of the local blues circuit of the city of Cordoba, within which highlights the International Blues Festivals 2006/2007 (Estadio General Paz Juniors and CC respectively). Also integrates musical projects and Deluxe Big Mama instrumental band (covers of classic Blues and Jazz).

Also participating as guest of the band of Buenos Aires "Black Amaya Quintet" (the great drummer Rabid Fish and Pappo's Blues) and also to recorded their second album "Worldbridger".

In 2009 as his solo project called "Cesar Valdomir & The Blue Midnight" with which he recorded in 2010 the album "Blowing the Blues" and in which besides the classic 40's and 50's there are 2 issues authorship.

In 2011 he participated as a guest and harmonic arrangements in the local band disk Rouge & Roll (the well-known producer Jose Palazzo) recorded with the "Black García Lopez" (Charly García), Javier Calamaro, Lula Bertoldi (Eruca Sativa) and Luis "Indio" Marquez (Javier Calamaro).

In October 2011 as a harmonica part of the band that accompanied the great Chicago guitarist Lurrie BELL on their way through Cordoba on stage at "The Roxy", a band that was also built by Black Amaya on drums, "Blues Attack" repeating the same show in 2012 but this time at the Teatro de la Ciudad de las Artes, one of the largest in Cordoba.

In June 2012 he traveled to Europe where it occurs in the renowned Blues Jam Pub "Poor Melo" (Amsterdam), in the Pub "Alleycat" (London), in the "Rocksound" (Barcelona) and the Societat Jam Blues from Barcelona in the Pub "Monastery" and the legendary "Bluesville" (Palma de Mallorca) in 2 opportunities.

In 2013, part of the band that accompanied the Chicago guitarist John Primer who also was part of the bands of Muddy Waters and Magic Slim, on his visit to Cordoba in the "Cultural Teatro La Cañada."

In 2014, playing as a guest of the band that accompanied the great Howlin Wolf saxophonist Eddie Shaw on his visit to Cordoba in the " Cultural Teatro La Cañada " . Also in the same year , it is part of the band that accompanied the guitarist John Primer on his return to Buenos Aires playing in the back room and in Cordoba, in the " Cultural Teatro La Cañada " . Larry McCray invited to Cesar to play with him and his band, in closing the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival in Caxias Do Soul , Brazil.

In 2015 he participates in the recording of " Four Harmonic Argentinas " with harmonica Ximena Monzon  Damian and Jorge Costales Duflos . Closing that year , he starts recording his second  album soloist which in April 2016 went on sale under the name "Working for the Blues" recorded with musicians from Cordoba in Desdemona study and musicians in Buenos Aires in the Romaphonic studio , mixed by Daniel de Vita and mastered in Joyride Studio Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In 2016, Cesar traveled to the Chicago Blues Festival, Bentonia Blues Festival and toured the Mississippi. In Chicago he played with John Primer as a guest at House of Blues, Helena (Arkansas) played on the famous KFFA radio show, and in Clarksdale he played alongside Mike Munson at Shack up Inn and alongside Bill HowlNmadd Perry at Hambone Art Gallery Of Stan Street. On his return, he present his second album at the theater "Studio Theater" in Cordoba where they attended more than 300 people. In addition to presenting his second album "Working for the Blues", he also finished the year producing the album "Blues Cycle in the Club", where Cesar with his band were the support of the blues musicians who participated from Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Brazil to conclude five years of a great cycle of continuous blues in Cordoba.

In 2017, Cesar Valdomir begins his year with a tour of shows through the Traslasierra valley in Cordoba, He played  in February at the emblematic Cosquin Rock festival, in the new stage the House of Blues and he was sharing the stage with Slam Allen from NYC, USA. In June, he took a new Blues Tour to Buenos Aires and from August to September and he played a Blues Tour in Spain. On July 27, 2017, a segment of blues created by Minister Rubin, on radio Vorterix 90.3, began every Wednesday at 2.30pm. A new road with the blues of the hand.

In 2018 he plays again at the Cosquin Rock, La Casita del Blues stage and toured the south of Brazil in the month of May. On his return he continues playing incessantly for Cordoba and Buenos Aires with his band.

In 2019, he returns to the biggest festival Cosquin Rock, he played with his band in La Casita del Blues Stage.  On June, he did a tour of Mexico during June and July, where he participated in the 10 years of the Salvatierra Jazz & Blues festival, offering various harmonics clinics as an endorser of the Honher harp brand to through Veerkamp Mexico.

César Valdomir has participated and / or shared the stage with the following musicians: Lurrie Bell (one of the greatest guitarists of Chicago and son of the famous harmonica player Carey Bell), John Primer (historical guitarist Muddy Waters and Magic Slim), Eddie Shaw (Howlin Wolf saxofon), Tail Dragger (Dirty Real Deal Chicago Blues),  Black Amaya, Adrian Jimenez, Ruben Gaitan (Mice Parade), Luis Robinson (the Mississipi, Pappo), Alejandro Medina (Manal), Botafogo, Danny Vincent & Robson Fernandes (Brazil), Javier Calamaro, Indio Marquez, Marcelo Garcia (Leon Gieco) and other great musicians not so recognized.

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